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EyeGage is revolutionizing access to drug screening technology via intelligent mobile eye scans.EyeGage allows companies to stay ahead of accidents with confidence, which saves time, money, and lives, while reducing the negative impacts of substance abuse on families and communities.




The Problem

The previous website of Eyegage was created using the Wix platform, but it didn't properly represent the true worth of their company. However, Eyegage's business is currently expanding at a rapid rate due to increased marketing efforts that have led to a surge in traffic to their site. Hence, the necessity for a professional conversion-based website that can assist them in gaining more downloads became a crucial and urgent need.

The Solution

Following a thorough brand discovery process and detailed discussions regarding the brand guidelines with the team, the design team at Ammo was able to create an impressive and contemporary design that offered a clear understanding of the technology's capabilities and usefulness. As a result, successful marketing campaigns were initiated, and the site's conversion rates significantly increased.

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